What I Do

My goal is to help build the foundation for your future in the world of information technology. Whether you are learning how to use office productivity software or learning how to code your first GUI app, I want to help you from the beginning.


At Concord Spark, I aim for beginners and help them progress to the point where they can take their careers to the next level. The starting foundation is what shapes successful careers and I want to help shape yours!

How Concord Spark Helps You


Need an emergency review for your finals right after lunch break? Sitting on your dining table wondering why your brain just can't process any more I.T. jargon?


All sessions are hosted online to make it easier to connect and learn, right away - wherever you are.

Do I have time? Yes!

You're burning the midnight oil and wish you had someone to read the next page(s) for you. Or you're in a totally different time zone, just wanting to learn more about C++ at a convenient time.


Well, you're in luck: Midnight or not, same time zone or 11 hours ahead; it doesn't matter. I'll make time for you.

No Books, No Problem

You're here because you want to learn as much as you can. Whether it's from me or from your book...


Wait, what if you don't have a book?


Don't worry! For every topic I tutor, there's a handout, video or presentation that I've created to supplement it, so you can learn as much as you want - without a book.


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