Owner of Concord Spark Tutoring
Who I Am...

Finishing high school and heading off to the British Columbia Institute of Technology for my first semester in Computer Science was a goal I've always wanted to achieve. It wasn't enough; I wanted to turn what I was learning at school into something practical.


From this idea, Concord Spark Tutoring was born. I am proud of and motivated by the number of students that I've successfully tutored; every new session I give reflects my commitment to providing you with all the tools you need to succeed in school.


When I'm not tutoring, I'm working on new ways to improve my materials and sessions. I love immersing myself in computer jargon, catching up on the latest technologies, making friends, and most of all, helping people.

Who am I? I'm Joseph, and I'm going to help you succeed!

More Fun Facts About Me...

I've been studying software development since I was twelve years old.

My first programming language was GW-Basic. I finished the entire book in one summer and my dad decided to buy me my first book on C++.

Contrary to what most people would expect, I don't play a lot of computer games...

I have an awesome friend who is an equally awesome photographer.