Course Outlines (PDF)

If you're an aspiring programmer who wants to start building GUI applications right at the get-go, try C#!


Start with the basic OOP constructs and learn the C# language including arrays, inheritance, LINQ, generic collections, lambdas and more! Learners who want to try their hand at something more graphical will also learn how to create Windows Forms Applications.

Learn that C++ isn't hard; it's fun and easy!

This course covers many essential parts of the language starting from basic Console IO all the way to templates and creating your own data structures. Additional topics include: Multi-dimensional arrays, pointer arithmetic, bit manipulation and more!

Course Materials

What is Git.PNG
What is Git?

Explains what Git is and provides examples on basic Git commands. Part 1 of a series.

Algebra Tips.PNG
Algebra Tips

Various tips one should remember to make life with Algebra easy.

Pythagorean Image.PNG
Pythagorean Theorem

Quick reference for one of the most useful mathematical tools - the Pythagorean Theorem.

More to come. Check back soon!